About us

Why choose us?

For more than ten years, the team at the business service centre (PSC) Automotiv has – as a one-stop shop – been offering comprehensive maintenance and repair services for the most popular vehicle brands on the Slovenian market, pouring all its care, love and expertise into its work.

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For all questions and service appointment, please call us or send us a message.

At PSC Automotiv (also known as PSC Omahen) we offer a specialised workshop that provides the widest range of services extending from car electrician, mechanical, bodywork and paint, as well as vulcanising services, to financing arrangements and insurance brokerage, used vehicle offers and spare parts sales, but also right down to light bulbs.

Our team of top educated and experienced technicians is continuously trained, keeps up to date with developments and is dedicated to quality, safety and reliability. We approach our projects with an engineering mindset, but above all, we always pay attention to our customers’ individual requirements.

The agile adaptation to the needs, wishes and the present state on the market – unaffordable new vehicles, unreliable used vehicles, less than optimal electric vehicles, the tendency towards economic efficiency and environmental protection – have Automotiv-ated us towards the development of a new, sustainable service for a green future: engine restoration and comprehensive vehicle renovation according to the original Automotiv® method.

With the authentic method of sustainable engine restoration or comprehensive vehicle renovation, we help to preserve the roadworthiness of existing vehicles for a longer time, thus extending the vehicle’s life-span, contributing to an increased safety, reducing the environmental impact and, above all, saving money by avoiding losses (such as the loss of value as soon as at the time of vehicle registration), insurance and registration costs, etc.

And what’s best?

We firmly stand behind the quality of our services and therefore offer a 5-year warranty on the work done, provided regular maintenance is carried out.

Entrust us with your vehicle today and drive off worry-free towards a future, that is kinder to our customers’ wallets and to the environment.

Your vehicle is our commitment.