Automotiv® method

Vehicle renovation Automotiv® method

The comprehensive vehicle renovation is carried out with care and expertise according to the precise and authentic Automotiv® method, which we have developed based on decades of experience to ensure the highest quality. It includes meticulous working procedures with a detailed overview, an engineering approach to restoration, replacement parts of the highest quality and a multi-stage verification of the excellence of the work carried out.

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The comprehensive vehicle renovation procedure according to the Automotiv® method is carefully planned and executed with a high level of attention to detail. Our team of professionals will address every stage of the renovation, including:

1. Interview with the vehicle user

As with engine restoration, an interview with the vehicle user is very important when comprehensively renovating a vehicle. It provides useful data and preferences, which are important for the technicians’ later decisions, as well as regarding the client’s expectations of how extensive the vehicle renovation will be, and for the prioritisation between safety and the appearance of the renewed vehicle.

2. Vehicle preparation

The vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, and all elements covering any damage or rusting that will need to be repaired are removed.

3. Bodywork repair and preparation

All minor and major repairs to the bodywork are carried out in order to achieve perfect smoothness and restore surface strength.

4. Grinding and painting

The body parts are sanded, protected with zinc, and the paint is applied in several coats to achieve the desired final appearance of the vehicle.

5. Interior restoration

The interior of the vehicle is carefully cleaned, restored and customised according to the customer’s wishes. This segment of the renovation includes seats, upholstery, the steering wheel and the gearshift lever. This task is individualised according to the customer’s wishes (the upholstery is changed from textile to leather or to other colour combinations).

6. Assembly and finalisation of the bodywork

The vehicle is reassembled, the interior is equipped with the necessary elements and finishing work such as cleaning and polishing is carried out.

7. Glass inspection

The windscreen is examined. If any cracks are visible, it is repaired or the glass is replaced. The operation of window lifting mechanisms is inspected and necessary worn out/damaged parts are replaced.

8. Renewal of brakes, brake callipers and hoses

All joints and connections of brake hoses are inspected. If required due to corrosion, they are replaced. Brake shoes are inspected and seals replaced if necessary, guides are cleaned and also discs and pads are replaced in agreement with the customer (depending on wear).

9. Renewal of chassis, shock absorbers, springs and guides

The chassis is an essential safety factor. Therefore we place great emphasis on inspecting the springs, the damping of the shock absorbers, and all joints of the kinetic elements of the chassis.

10. Wheel refurbishment

If the wheels are made of aluminium alloy, they are aligned if necessary and any damage to the paintwork is repaired. Steel wheels are repainted, and the decorative caps are adapted for a better visual appearance.

11. The ventilation system and air conditioning system are checked and cleaned

If needed, parts of the compressor, evaporator and condenser are replaced, the refrigerant gas is changed for efficient cooling, and any flow ducts that over the years have accumulated dust and harmful bacteria are cleaned.

12. Renewal of light fixtures (headlamps)

In addition to the proper angles of light that the vehicle is required to have, the translucency of the headlight surface is also very important. Therefore, if appropriate, the surface is restored so that it is smooth and translucent to increase luminance.

13. Renewal and repair of electrical components

Renewal and repair of electrical components, the radio display, upgrade of the navigation system and other modules in the vehicle such as central locking, glass lifting, etc. is carried out.

14. Rebuilding and inspection of the gearbox

When rebuilding or inspecting the gearbox, two algorithms are followed. If the gearbox functions correctly, it is internally cleaned thoroughly, the oils and cleaners are changed, and also the seals and gaiters are resealed. In addition, the drive shafts and the homokinetic joints are inspected. If the gearbox needs to be rebuilt as a result of its inoperability, a specific procedure is agreed with the customer regarding the gears, differentials, bearings, vanes, and the electronic control part of the gearbox.

Of course, a comprehensive engine restoration according to the Automotiv® method is also essential – all the information on this can be found here